Artwork by mirari & Compagnie Virginie Brunelle

Winner of Prix Numix International – experiential installation (in situ)

DUO is a digital installation that takes a look at the limitations resulting from the upheavals the whole world is experiencing. This work exposes the impossible encounter between two protagonists, face to face, alone in their respective screens. The few meters separating the two dancers place the spectator amidst that immaterial distance. The movements, sometimes floating, sometimes dazzling, dialogue in harmony, without the two bodies ever reaching one another .

To the rhythm of a bewitching track by the Dear Criminals, the dancers invite the audience to witness their quest for closeness, and to be the missing link between the two screens.

This project was funded through the Montreal Cultural Development Agreement and the Montreal Reflex Agreement, concluded between the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec.

Creative Director: Thomas Payette (mirari)
Choreographer: Virginie Brunelle (Compagnie Virginie Brunelle)
Dancers: Sophie Breton et Milan Panet-Gigon
Set Designer: Xavier Mary (mirari)
Multimedia Director, Designer: Antonin Gougeon Moisan (mirari)
Technical Director: Jean-François Piché
Content: mirari
Music: Dear Criminals
Construction: Gauvin Fabrique

Photos: Les Marois