choregraphy: Guillaume Côté
co-creation, video and interactive design: Thomas Payette (mirari)
production: Lighthouse immersive

TOUCH is a dance piece standing halfway between immersive experience and contemporary ballet. Co-created by Guillaume Côté and Thomas Payette (mirari), this outstanding show was received with praise by critics and audiences during its first run in Toronto in 2021. Using cutting-edge projection and interactive technologies while keeping a true and moving artistic impulse, the show explores the relation between two people as well as the sense of touch. Set in a large space featuring 360′ interactive projection mapping, two dancers perform a poignant and evocative ballet.

Choregraphy: Guillaume Côté
Co-creation, video and interactive design: Thomas Payette (mirari)
Production: Lighthouse Immersive, Côté Danse and mirari

Photos: Dahlia Katz et Thomas Payette