la ville, des artistes

la ville, des artistes
la ville, des artistes

Creation and design
Martin Faucher (FTA) – mirari

Presented in association with le Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles.

La ville, des artistes is an architectural video projection work that reveals and magnifies 21 portraits of local artists. This tribute to the diversity of the international artistic community was designed by Martin Faucher, creative director of the FTA in collaboration with mirari, as a legacy before his departure from the festival and all the artists who carried on creating.

La ville, des artistes brings the performing arts out of their traditional venues. The idea with this projection is to play with perceptions and to offer another perspective on the artists themselves.

Created and conceived by Martin Faucher (FTA) + mirari
Creative Direction by Antonin Gougeon-Moisan + Thomas Payette + Gonzalo Soldi (mirari)
Directed by Thomas Payette + Gonzalo Soldi (mirari)
Director of Photography: Charlie Marois (Les*Marois)
Editors: Charlie Marois (Les*Marois) + Gonzalo Soldi (mirari)
Production Director: Anne-Sara Gendron (FTA)
Make-up artist and Stylist: Audrey Toulouse
Camera Assistant: Sébastien Miron

With 2Fik + 7Starr + Marie Brassard + Maxime Carbonneau + Paul Chambers + Michel F Côté + Sarah Dell’Ava + Mélanie Demers + Rhodnie Désir + Clara Furey + Lara Kramer + Soleil Launière + Louise Lecavalier + Lucy M. May + Marc Parent + Gerard X Reyes + Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep + Manuel Roque + Catherine Tardif + Ulivia Uviluk + Katie Ward

Photos: mirari et FTA