frame by frame

frame by frame
frame by frame

A show by Guillaume Côté and Robert Lepage, with a video design by mirari.

A large scale ballet based on the work of Norman McLaren, created by world famous director Robert Lepage and choreographer Guillaume Côté. With its meaningful use of video and technologies by mirari, Frame by Frame is a tribute from the digital world to the analog one.

Directed by: Robert Lepage
Guillaume Côté
Creative Direction and Design: 
Steve Blanchet
Video Design:
 Thomas Payette / mirari
Music and Sound Design:
 Antoine Bédard
Set Design:
 Christian Fontaine
Costume Design: 
Michael Gianfrancesco
Lighting Design:
 Étienne Boucher
Image Projection Concept Design: 
Laurie-Shawn Borzovoy
Props Design:
 Claudia Gendreau
Assistant Director: 
Adèle Saint-Amand
Assistant to the Choreographer: 
Anne Mueller

Photos: David Leclerc