An artwork by mirari, Lily Pinsonneault and Maude Veilleux.

DÉVIRES is an interactive artwork in which the spectator has the opportunity to create his own poem, using chunks of colorful words written by two Montreal authors.

DÉVIRES creates the unexpected in a public space used by the neighborhood’s residents. The intent behind this artwork was to incite passersby to stop and be curious about these poetic monoliths suddenly populating a known urban place.

Concept and multimedia design: Audrey-Anne Whittom (mirari)
Texts: Lily Pinsonneault and Maude Veilleux
Creative direction: Thomas Payette (mirari)
Sound design: Antonin Gougeon Moisan (mirari)
Technological design: Hugues Caillères (mirari)
Assistant designer: Paul Pointet (mirari)
Construction: Robocut Studio

Photos: Les Marois