3 giants

3 giants
3 giants

For and with Machine de Cirque as part of Montréal Complètement Cirque

Alex Trahan & Maxim Laurin
Xavier Mary — mirari
Lighting Designer
Gonzalo Soldi — mirari
Composer and sound designer
Étienne Thibeault
Costume Designer
Angela Rassenti
Movement Assistant
Alexia Martel
Photo credits
Andrew Miller

Presented by Ivanhoé Cambridge, 3 GIANTS is an exceptional art and tourism project made possible by the Government of Quebec, Tourisme Montréal, the Government of Canada and the City of Montreal.

How does one become a giant? What if this quest for greatness was not solitary, but rather a collective effort? With this new creation, Machine de Cirque and mirari invite the public to an initiatory journey right at their own, to find greatness. Driven by the music of a live DJ, a vibrant youth returns to their raw state, freeing themselves from established norms, to reinvent the world. Facing nature, they emerge from all horizons to respond to this cry from the heart that they were craving. For a moment, this ephemeral community builds a place of possibilities where fall and ascent intertwine, but where hope always arises. Because it has to. Influenced by the social movements of recent years, this show is an ode to change, resilience and the beauty that emerges when solitudes turn into a group.
Let’s become giants, together.

The team would like to warmly thank Joséphine Bacon for composing and recording an original poem, Écoscéno for their support in eco-design for the creation of this show, made possible by a grant from the Fonds Écoleader.

The trees used for this project were graciously lent by Soverdi and planted on the grounds of a health institution near Vinet Park, as part of the City of Montreal’s 2020-2030 Climate Plan. Take good care of them: they will provide clean air, freshness and shade for future generations.


Producer and creative director: Vincent Dubé
Production Manager: Natasha Drouin-Beauregard – mirari
Technical Director and Lighting Designer: Michel Bisson
Artistic Coordinator and Stage Manager: Clémence Lavigne
Assistant Costume Designer and Dresser: Hannah Fisher
Head Soundman: Marcin Bunar
Acrobatic Rigger: Guillaume Ménard-Crête
Eco-design assistant (set): Marianne Lavoie – Ecoscéno
Eco-design assistant (costumes) : Julie Fournier – Ecoscéno
Music rights consultant: Jacynthe Plamondon-Emond

Ines Talbi, Sarah Laurendeau, Raphaël Dubé, Maude Arseneault, Ruben Ingwersen, Fernando Gonzalez, Adèle Saint-Martin, Damien Descloux, Fabien Cortes, Naomie Vogt-Roby, Sandy Tugwood, Natacha Filiatrault